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C++ Developer

Richardson, TX

Job Description
  •     Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  •     Working knowledge with various database systems
  •     Ability to normalize and automate transfers of disperse datasets to centralized locations
  •     Experience designing and building web applications to visualize data
  •     Familiarity with various programming languages (JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, CSS, C#, C, HTML, Perl, etc.)
  •     Vast experience using web frameworks (Angularjs, Django, Laravel, Node.js, Symfony, ASP.net, Yii, Meteorjs, Vue.js, etc.)
  •     Exposure to visualization libraries (Echarts, Chart.js, Chartist, C3.js, Highcharts, Nvd3, Flot, etc.)
  •     Extensive knowledge with experience in GUI design and web service communication protocols (REST, SOAP, etc.)

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