4278 KYC Remediation Analyst 

Location: Richardson, TX, United States
Date Posted: 08-09-2017

Role - KYC Analyst 
Type of Hire - Contract

Job title: KYC Analyst JD. Function: Regulatory AML Compliance
Specific competencies ( Essential)
  1.       Team Player                                                                                              
  2.       Good English written and Oral skills                                                     
  3.       Analytical frame of mind                                                                 
  4.       Flexible                                                                                                           
  5.       Open to travel to any region depending on Business requirement   
  6.       Eye for detail                                                                                                 
  7.       Enjoy building and maintaining relationships                                              
  8.       Able to work well under pressure 
Specific competences (Desirable)
  1.       Previous experience as a KYC Analyst and / or signing off cases
  2.       Quality Assurance and / or Audit Skills
  3.       Exceptional Attention to detail
  4.       The ability to read and understand regulations / rules and capture into a policy
  5.       Advanced written and spoken communication skills

Summary of Role / Profile:
Focus of the Function:
Person in this role will be responsible for document research on customer files in accordance with the KYC Remediation procedures. User will be responsible for ensuring completion of the customer file, and raising issues to Team Lead as necessary. Successful candidate will need to demonstrate KYC knowledge, excellent communication skills, and the ability to meet volume and quality targets on a consistent basis.
Why does this job exist:
The requirement is to uplift the customer records to meet the established remediation standards. All customers are expected to be remediated according to the procedures. We are looking for people with the right skills, experience and, perhaps most importantly, the attitude to help us succeed.
How does the role add value: Person in this role will be responsible for document research on customer files in accordance with the KYC Remediation procedures. Day to day activities include
  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of the customer file by obtaining the necessary requirements
  • Validating the customer risk rating information
  • Identifying any missing information in the customer file
  • Screening for any for negative news, PEP, Sanctions etc. on Client, Related Parties and Related Individuals.
  • Preparing Relationship Memo
  • Responding to Quality Control (QC) feedback etc.
How this role is unique from others: This role is critical and part of the banks’ First and Second Line of Defense against financial crimes. It safeguards the bank and financial institutions against potential money laundering threats and regulatory issues. The Analyst would be required to demonstrate critical thinking, research and decision making for each case with varying complexities. The successful candidate for this role requires effective written and verbal communication skills, ability to obtain and analyst voluminous information and is able to confidently interact with various levels. The key challenge of the role is achieving balance between quality and timely completion of the cases, which is important for the success of the process.
Who are the key relationships for this role: Clients of the KYCS PROCESS  , Senior Management, KYC review team members, Team Leaders, Policy and Quality Team
What are the minimum prior qualifications to be an applicant for this role:
  •          Candidate must have a minimum of 1  to 3+ years’ experience in KYC (Client Onboarding, Refresh or Remediation)
  •          Strong knowledge of AML/ CTF Regulation and Sanctions Compliance through acquired working in a similar role within the Capital Markets Industry
  •          Good knowledge of Investment Banking / Capital Markets products, processes and technology platforms
  •          Sound knowledge of KYC for Funds (Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Private Funds – Regulated and Unregulated), Corporate Entities (LLP, LLC, and Corporations etc.), Trusts, Foreign Entities, Banks and Financial Institutions, Sovereign Entities etc. (Expect high population of Funds for current project)
  •          Able to uncover, draw and assess complex ownership structures and clearly identify layers of ownership (domestic, foreign, Individuals and Entities) Able to analyze and corroborate ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) documentation required as per CDD/KYC policy of the bank. Sufficient knowledge of key government portals to extract filings, registration, and entity information. Good knowledge of both Non-US and US sites is highly desirable.
  •          Able to research and find information on KYC Due Diligence Databases and public domain with prior experience of the same.
  •          Understands KYC foreign language translation requirements for Non-US/Foreign clients. 
  •          Understands the impact of decisions and assertions made while review of profile with the AML Compliance, Sanctions Compliance, Internal Audit and Regulatory Audit teams.
  •          Document findings and ensure this is adequate for quality checks and audits
  •          Able to identify red flags and judge the need for escalation
  •          Able to meet timelines and turn around completed cases to meet service level agreements without compromising on quality
  •          Identify, recommend and implement process efficiencies
  •          Maintain a record of and report progress as required.
  •          Ability to work independently and deliver against commitments
What are the key initiatives & challenges facing this role in the next six months to three years:
  1.        Proactively Works directly with all teams to delivery agreed outcomes
  2.        Creates, maintains and reports against agreed SLAs, post, escalates and takes remedial action
  3.        Understands and maintains client confidentiality

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