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Android Platform Engineer

Lavon, TX

Job Description:
  • 3+ years exclusive QA experience in Android devices, testing on-device network applications (pure application testing)
  • Prototype, develop and commercialize US carrier specific solutions on Android devices
  • Perform unit testing and developer validation for new features and OS upgrades.
  • Analyze, and fix issues reported by QA teams. Interact with QA during trial and pre-launch testing.
  • Support issue reproduction, log collection, documentation, Unit testing and Integration testing.
  • Daily tasks include - Feature development, bug fixing, horizontal solution propagation, multi-model build verification and developer validation.
  • 2+ years of Android application design, development, and testing experience.
  • Strong programming skills: JAVA, C/ C++, AIDL.
  •  Knowledge of Android programming libraries, testing frameworks and debugging tools.
  • Understanding of Android Build system and Linux OS.
  • Proficient in multi-threaded programming, static/ shared libraries, memory management, etc.
  • Strong communication skills, self-starter and a great team player.
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